Temperature screening with GEMOS


Preventive infection protection for your company


Protect your customers and employees

Covid-19 poses major challenges to health care systems and public life all over the world. In virtually all companies and public institutions, preventive measures are currently being re-evaluated in order to contain the spread of infection. In addition to basic measures such as hand hygiene, face masks that cover the mouth and nose, disinfection measures, etc., this also includes early detection of infected persons.

The GEMOS Thermal Screening function module in combination with a temperature screening thermal imaging camera provides preventive infection protection for your company. Application examples for thermal screening are highly frequented areas such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres, office buildings, prisons, large sports facilities, port areas, factories and initial reception facilities.

Hikvision screening thermal cameras feature advanced detectors and algorithms to measure temperature and detect an increase in skin temperature. They can therefore be used for quick and preliminary temperature checking in office buildings and large public spaces, boasting an accuracy of up to ± 0,3°C.

  • It takes max. 1 second to measure the skin temperature
  • Temperature measurement for multiple persons simultaneously
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Alarm processing in the GEMOS alarm management system with individual workflow plan
  • Blocking of controlled physical access systems such as turnstiles and personnel lock systems
  • Measuring accuracy of cameras up to ± 0,3°C
  • Secured and data protection-compliant log

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Photo: Getty Images, Hikvision and Gretsch-Unitas