GEMOS sector-specific solution:
penal facilities and forensics

Modern penal facilities and forensics describe high requirements of people and equipment.

The security requirement of employees and service personnel, as well as that of the inmates, as well as the inhabitants living in the area of a penal or forensics facility must all be taken into account.

The GEMOS solution for penal facilities and forensics is specifically tailored to these requirements. The high number of interfaces and functional modules of GEMOS makes it possible to implement the requirements perfectly and to optimise the work and organisation processes.

In particular, the interplay between technical subsystems such as video/ fence and wall security as well as the implemented communications systems and their visual representation in a highly flexible and individually configurable user interface are solved and implemented uniquely.

The current status and location information as well as system conditions are shown, guaranteeing the ability of the personnel of a penal or forensics facility to handle accordingly.

However, GEMOS is the right solution for future requirements, such as for instance drone recognition.

Performance features:


  • Implementation and connection of inmate databases to GEMOS
  • Display of inmate information
  • Integration of access control with intelligent door control for conducted paths
  • Sluice function, individually adaptable
  • Integration of electronic locking systems
  • Integration of personal emergency call systems with location function and localisation in the floor plan
  • Control of telephone options for inmates
  • Security systems for copings and fences combined with video systems
  • Alarm transmission to workstations, staff members or assigned tasks depending on time, duty rosters and situations
  • Guard control


The GEMOS building management and organisation system enables individual adaptation to the customer usage profile.

The usage options of GEMOS access include everything from offline access control systems for small applications all the way to modular...

The participants receive thorough knowledge concerning the implementation and configuration of GEMOS systems.

Only the full functional abilities of all systems are able to guarantee, in a severe case, maximum protection – testing, maintenance and upkeep constitute a ...

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