General Terms and Conditions

ela-soft GmbH (valid as of 2016)

General provisions

1. General provisions

These General Terms and Conditions control the transfer of software as well as the provision of services and labour between ela-soft GmbH (referred to as ‘ela-soft’) and its customers. Customer terms and conditions apply only if ela-soft expressly agrees to these in writing.


The services to be provided by ela-soft are based on the written offer provided by ela-soft and the order confirmation.


Technical or other standards, the adherence to which is not obligatorily required by law, shall only be adhered to by ela-soft, if this is expressly included in the offer or the order confirmation.


ela-sot is entitled to additionally contract the provision of services by third parties (subcontractors).

Scope of delivery

2. Scope of delivery


ela-soft delivers software to the customer either on a data carrier or via a download, along with the relevant licence certificate. ela-soft shall amend the documentation to the software either electronically, or will provide the documentation electronically available for download. If it is clear from the order that the scope of supply does not include documentation, then it must be purchased separately. Without an express agreement, the documentation shall be provided in English or in the relevant language of the country of the Customer. There exists, however, no claim concerning the supply of documentation in the language of the Customer.


ela-soft will provide the Customer with a licence key if the software would require a licence key to make it technically available. This does not apply if the customer does not purchase any usage rights for the software according to the order.


The Customer shall receive along with the licence certificate a non-exclusive, time-unlimited right to install and use the software according to the licence certificate for the purposes described in the order and a the location of installation described in the order.


The provision of rights is conditioned on the time of complete payment.


Information concerning usage by US government offices: The software is commercial computer software.

Customer obligations/ Transfer to third parties

3. Customer obligations/ Transfer to third parties


The provision of the agreed-upon services by ela-soft requires the cooperation of the Customer. In order to adhere to their obligation to cooperate, the Customer shall employ appropriately qualified employees.


The Customer is obligated to provide a system environment according to the requirements stemming from the order, the licence certificate and the relevant documentation. The Customer shall in particular provide the information, documentation, premises, technical environments and relevant persons required for the provision of services on time and without charge. The Customer will inform ela-soft without delay on time about changes to conditions that may influence the services of ela-soft.


If the Customer does not come through with their obligation to cooperate as required, then ela-soft, without prejudice to further rights, may demand changes to the schedule and the remuneration. Costs of delay caused by such improperly provided cooperation services may permit ela-soft to charge these to the customer at the relevant general interest rates.


The Customer is responsible for the regular protection of their data. They are permitted to make backup copies.


The Customer is not permitted to lease out or sublicence the purchased software. They may not alter the software. If an adaptation of the software is permitted in any individual case or required for the purpose of assurance of interoperability, then the Customer must notify ela-soft before they proceed with the adaptation in agreement with ela-soft. Ela-soft may require appropriate remuneration for this agreement.


The Customer is permitted to sell the software to third parties, as long as the purchasing third party expresses beforehand their acknowledgement of the continuation of application of these general terms and conditions with respect to ela-soft. In case of sale, the Customer is obligated to provide ela-soft with the full address of the relevant third party.


With the sale, the right of the Customer to use the software expires. They are obligated to completely delete the installed software, and to transfer to the purchasing third party all copies, or to delete these copies.

Payment conditions and mutual settlement

4. Payment conditions and mutual settlement


The prices are to be understood as net of the relevant applicable statutory turnover tax. Invoices are payable upon their receipt without any deductions. Should the Customer not provide payment within 14 days from the maturity and receipt of the invoice, they are considered to be in default.


In case of remuneration based on time and resources, the relevant work and travel times are charged at the relevant prices in force.


A person-day spans eight (8) hours of work time. Person-days not provided in pull are remunerated according to the relevant share based on half-hours.


As long as the offer would not contain divergent provisions, travel costs and allowances are charged separately as applicable and as reasonable.


The Customer may enact mutual settlement only with respect to such claims that are undisputed and legally established.


The Customer only has a withholding right only with respect to such claims that stand in direct relation to this contract.


ela-soft may deny the execution of contractually agreed services if the Customer is in default with the execution of their obligation to provide payment or with does not render other contractual obligations on time or at all.

Industrial property rights and copyrights/ legal defects

5. Industrial property rights and copyrights/ legal defects


As long as nothing else is agreed upon, ela-soft is obligated to provide the services solely in the country of the point of delivery free of any intellectual property rights and copyrights of third parties (referred to as ‘trade mark rights’). If a third party would raise substantiated claims against a customer due to the violation of copyrights due to software supplied and used contractually by ela-soft, then ela-soft is liable against the customer within the deadline described under p. 6.3, as follows:


ela-soft, according to its own choice, at its own expense, shall either obtain a usage right concerning the relevant software, change it so that the copyright is no longer infringed, or replace it. If ela-soft would not be able to do this on reasonable conditions, then the Customer shall have the statutory right of withdrawal or reduction.


The obligation of ela-soft to provide damage compensation is based on item 7. The obligations of ela-soft described above only apply, as long as the customer immediately notifies ela-soft about the claims raised by the third parties, if they do not recognise the infringement and if ela-soft remains at liberty to use all measures of defence and conduct settlement negotiations. If the Customer would halt the usage of this software for reasons of damage reduction or for other important reasons, then they are obligated to inform the third party that the cessation of use does not equal any sort of recognition of the violation of copyright.


Customer claims are excluded if they are responsible for the violation of the copyright.


Customer claims are further excluded, if the violation of usage rights was caused by special requirements of the customer, by an application not foreseeable by ela-soft, or by the fact that the Customer changed the software or uses it in conjunction with products not supplied by ela-soft.


In case of copyright infringements, there apply accordingly in addition the provisions under p. 6 to the claims governed by p. 5.1 a).


In case of other legal defects, there apply accordingly the provisions of p. 6. Further claims of the Customer against ela-soft and its execution affiliates due to legal defects are excluded.

Material defects

6. Material defects

Ela-soft guarantees the agreed upon design. It is based on the offer and the order confirmation. Ela-soft is liable for material defects as follows:


Flawed software will be, at the choice of ela-soft, repaired free of charge or delivered anew, as long as the cause of the material flaw was already in place at the time of transfer of risk. Repair of flaws is also considered to be any situation, in which ela-soft shows to the Customer possible options to avoid the effects of the flaw.


Information concerning the design or options of use of the software – even if these are described as guarantees – do not constitute representations as understood by par. 443 and 444 of the German Civil Code (Germ. Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB), unless they are expressly designated in writing as such representations with reference to the statutory provisions.


Claims of supplementary execution expire 12 months after the statutory commencement of the limitation period. The same applies to withdrawal and reduction. This limitation period does not apply if the law provides for longer periods according to par. 438 section 1 and no. 2, as well as par. 479 section 1 of the German Civil Code, in case of malice, malicious concealment of the flaw as well as in case of non-adherence to the guarantee of design. The statutory provisions concerning the suspension of expiry, expiry and renewal of the period remain unaffected.


Reports of flaws by the Customer must take place immediately and in writing.


If a flaw is reported in error, then ela-soft is entitled to demand reimbursement for the costs borne according to the relevant current Customer price list.


ela-soft must be provided with the possibility of supplementary performance within a reasonable period allowing at least two attempts at repair. If ela-soft is unable to conclude the supplementary performance within this time, then a reasonable last additional deadline is to be determined.


Claims are void in case of only minor divergences from the agreed design. No warranty also arises in case of non-reproducible software errors, as well as in cases of unprofessional attempts at repair by the customer or by a third party.


In case of a data loss for which ela-soft would be responsible, ela-soft is only liable for the recreation of the data for the effort that is required with proper data security of the Customer in place.


Damage compensation claims of the Customer are only valid according to the provisions of p. 7, and expire one year after the violation of any obligation, if there is no liability due to malice.

Damage compensation claims

7. Damage compensation claims


In all cases of contractual and extracontractual liability, ela-soft will provide damage compensation exclusively based on the following provisions.


Liability for damage caused by ela-soft or an supporting third party is excluded. This does not apply in case of liability base on the following:


According to the German Product Liability Act (Germ. Produkthaftungsgesetz)


in case of malice, fraud or grave negligence


in case of non-adherence to a warranty taken over


in case of culpable damage to life, limb or health


due to culpable violation of material contractual obligations


The damage compensation claim and the violation of material contractual obligations are, however, limited to typical, foreseeable damages as long as none of the other listed cases is at hand.


The preceding provisions do not include a change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the Customer.

Licence usage audit

8. Licence usage audit


The Customer is obligated to permit ela-soft once per year, upon request, to test the contractual usage of the software. ela-soft may execute the test themselves or contract the test with a third party obligated to maintain confidentiality. ela-soft shall announce the test in writing at least seven (7) working days in advance. The test may take place at the premises of the Customer at their regular business hours.


If the test would reveal usage of the software by the Customer that does not adhere to the contractual provisions, then ela-soft is entitled to charge to the customer a lump sum compensation in the amount of the licence fees that apply according to the current price list for the extended use. Furthermore, the Customer shall bear the Customer is to bear reasonable costs of the test. ela-soft reserves the claim to higher compensation against a relevant proof.

Miscellaneous provisions

9. Miscellaneous provisions


In case of legal ineffectiveness of individual provisions, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions, as well as further agreements between ela-soft and the Customer, remain binding. Contractual loopholes are to be amended according to the economic purpose of the agreement.


There are no additional oral agreements. The Terms and Conditions may only be amended or lifted in writing. This also applies to the requirement of written form.


The exclusive court seat for all disputes arising out of or in relation to the contract is Berlin, Germany. Exclusively German law applies, with the exclusion of international private law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Data protection

Privacy policy

ela-soft GmbH (ela-soft GmbH), Breitenbachstraße 10, 13509 Berlin/Germany take the pro­tec­tion of per­sonal data of their cust­o­mers and pros­pec­tive cust­o­mers very seriously and comply with the data pro­tec­tion legisla­tion. In no case will the collected data be sold.

The fol­lowing informa­tion exp­lains how ela-soft gua­ran­tees this pro­tec­tion and which data is collected for which pur­pose; furthermore, users agree with the necessary use of data and are informed about their rights.

  1. Per­sonal dataPer­sonal data is all data related to the user per­so­nally, e.g. name, address, e-mail addresses.
  2. Responsible par­ty and data secu­rity admi­ni­s­t­ratorThe responsible party in accor­dance with Art. 4 Para. 7 of EU Data Pro­tec­tion Basic Ordi­nance (DS-GVO) within the sense of data pro­tec­tion laws is
    ela-soft GmbH, Breitenbachstraße 10, 13509 Berlin, Germany.

Con­tact data of data secu­rity admi­ni­s­t­rator:
Data secu­rity admi­ni­s­t­rator
Gret­sch­-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge
Johann-Maus-Str. 3
D-71254 Ditzingen
Phone +49 7156 301-660
Fax +49 7156 301-77660

  1. Data secu­rityela-soft takes all necessary technical and orga­ni­sa­tional secu­rity measures to pro­tect per­sonal data against misuse and loss. All data is stored in a secure ope­ra­ting environ­ment which is not pub­licly acces­sible.

    Where pos­sible, con­fiden­tial data is transferred using the HTTPS pro­tocol with SSL cer­ti­ficate encryp­tion.

  2. Data pro­ces­singWhen users visit or, the ela-soft web server tempora­rily saves the connec­tion data of the requesting com­puter (IP address) for system secu­rity pur­poses as stan­dard (legal basis is Art. 6 Para. 1 p. 1 lit. f of DS-GVO),
  • iden­ti­fica­tion data of the browser and ope­ra­ting system type,
  • ela-soft webpages visited,
  • date and dura­tion of the visit.

Addi­tional per­sonal informa­tion such as name, address, telephone number or email address is not collected unless these details are pro­vided on a vol­un­tary basis, eg in the con­text of a regi­s­t­ra­tion, a survey, a com­pe­ti­tion, or when executing a contract or requesting informa­tion. ela-soft cannot allo­cate the automati­cally collected data to specific individuals. A com­pi­la­tion of this data with other data sources is not made, in fact it is deleted after a sta­tistical analysis.

ela-soft also captures and stores all the informa­tion users enter on the web­site or transmit to ela-soft in any other way. Such data con­cerns eg:

  • Offer data
  • Order details
  • calcula­tion data
  • and data of general nature

ela-soft uses the per­sonal data pro­vided by users solely for the pur­pose of technical admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion of the webpages and to fulfil the wishes and require­ments of users, i.e., gene­r­ally for the pre­pa­ra­tion and execu­tion of contracts, for the pro­vi­sion of goods and services, for the settle­ment of pay­ments, for necessary checks and to facili­tate orde­ring or boo­king by crea­ting user acco­unts, or to respond to an inquiry.

ela-soft also uses informa­tion to improve the web­sites and, to prevent or detect abuse and fraud, or to enable third par­ties to carry out technical, logistical or other services for ela-soft.

Only if the user has pre­viously given consent or if – to the extent stipu­lated by legal regula­tions – no oppo­si­tion was lodged, will ela-soft use this data for pro­duct-related surveys and marke­ting pur­poses.

A transfer or other trans­mis­sion of per­sonal data to third par­ties occurs only to the extent described below:

  • If a disclo­sure is necessary for the pro­ces­sing of contracts
  • If the user has expressly cons­ented

Anonymised data (if an assi­gn­ment to a parti­cular person is not pos­sible) may be used by ela-soft for sta­tistical pur­poses and also passed on to third par­ties.

  1. Rights of the userThe user has the fol­lowing rights regarding the per­sonal data we hold for this parti­cular user:
  • Right to informa­tion,
  • Right to amend­ment or dele­tion,
  • Right to limi­ta­tion or pro­ces­sing,
  • Right to object to pro­ces­sing,
  • Right to data transfe­rability.

The user also has the right to com­p­lain to the data pro­tec­tion super­vi­sory aut­ho­rity about our pro­ces­sing of his/her per­sonal data. One such aut­ho­rity is: the regional rep­re­senta­tive for data pro­tec­tion and freedom of informa­tion in Berlin.
Friedrichstraße 219, 10969 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 13889-0
Fax: +49 (0) 30 2155050

The user can withdraw permis­sion to pro­cess his/her data at any time. A cancella­tion of this kind affects the legitimacy of pro­ces­sing per­sonal data once the user has declared this to us.

Whenever the pro­ces­sing of your per­sonal data on our part is based on the assess­ment of interests, users are enti­tled to object to such pro­ces­sing. This is the case if pro­ces­sing is not a prerequi­site for fulfill­ment of a contract with the users in parti­cular, which is shown by us in each case alongside the descrip­tion of the func­tions which fol­lows. When an obje­c­tion of this kind is lodged, we ask for an expla­na­tion of why we should not pro­cess the per­sonal data in the manner in which we have done so. If an obje­c­tion is justi­fied, we check the situa­tion and either stop pro­ces­sing the data, adapt it accordingly or pro­vide com­pel­ling rea­sons worthy of pro­tec­tion for con­tinuing with the pro­ces­sing.

Users can of course object to the pro­ces­sing of their per­sonal data for adver­tising and data analysis pur­poses at any time. Users can use the fol­lowing con­tact informa­tion to inform us about their obje­c­tion to adver­tising: privacy(at)

  1.  Du­ra­tion for which the per­sonal data is saved
    Unless stipu­lated otherwise, the crite­rion we use to define the sto­rage time for per­sonal data is the relevant statutory reten­tion period. Once this period has expired the data is deleted, pro­viding it is not required for fulfill­ment or ini­tia­tion of a contract.
  2. Statutory or contractual regula­tions for pro­vi­sion of the per­sonal data

The pro­vi­sion of per­sonal data is partly, e.g. due to tax regula­tions, pre­scribed by law or can arise from contractual regula­tions (e.g. informa­tion on contrac­ting party). In order to conclude a contract, it may sometimes be necessary for a relevant person to pro­vide us with per­sonal data which we sub­sequently are required to pro­cess. This would be obligatory if for example our company concludes a contract with the person. If the per­sonal data were not pro­vided the contract could not be concluded. The person con­cerned must con­tact one of our employees before pro­viding per­sonal data. Our employee exp­lains to the relevant person based on the specific case whe­ther the pro­vi­sion of per­sonal data is a legal or contractual require­ment, whe­ther there is an obliga­tion to pro­vide the per­sonal data and the con­sequences of not pro­viding the per­sonal data.

  1.  Exis­tence of automatic deci­sion-making

Automatic deci­sion-making or pro­filing does not take place.

  1. Coo­kies

    In several places on the web­site or, coo­kies are used which serve to make the site more user-fri­endly, effec­tive and safe. Coo­kies are small text files which allow for users to be recog­nised. Coo­kies are small text files which allow

for users to be recog­nised. They are stored by the browser memory on the com­puter of the user. Most of the coo­kies used by ela-soft are so-called “ses­sion coo­kies”. A so-called ses­sion ID is stored in the cookie which can be used to assign various browser requests to the shared ses­sion. This allows us to iden­tify the com­puter when the user returns to our web­site. These are automati­cally deleted after the user has left the web­site.

ela-soft also uses “perma­nent coo­kies” in order to capture informa­tion about users who repea­tedly visit the web­site. This helps to achieve an optimum user guidance and the web­site user is offered the grea­test pos­sible variety and availability of new con­tent. The con­tent of a perma­nent cookie is limited to an iden­ti­fica­tion number. Name, IP address etc. are not stored. The pur­pose of coo­kies is to make the Internet offe­ring more user fri­endly and effec­tive in general. We use coo­kies to iden­tify the users who have acco­unts with us during sub­sequent visits. Otherwise users would need to log in again each time they visited using the browser.
Using the web­site is also pos­sible wit­hout coo­kies. Users can deac­tivate the sto­rage of coo­kies in their browser, limit the sto­rage to specific web­sites or adjust their browser in such a way that it noti­fies about the sending of a cookie. Users can also delete coo­kies from their hard disc. Users can con­figure their browser set­ting according to their require­ments and e.g. accept third-party coo­kies or reject all coo­kies. We warn users that they may not be able to use all func­tions of this web­site; in this case only cer­tain con­t­ents will be dis­played on the pages and res­tric­tions will be imposed on the user guidance.

  1. Web analytics tool Google Analytics

This web­site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service pro­vided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “coo­kies”, which are text files placed on your com­puter, to help the web­site analyse how users use the site. The informa­tion gene­rated by the cookie about your use of the web­site will be trans­mitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

In case IP-anonymi­sa­tion is activated on this web­site, your IP address will be truncated within the area of Member States of the Euro­pean Union or other par­ties to the Agree­ment on the Euro­pean Eco­nomic Area. Only in excep­tional cases the whole IP address will be first transferred to a Google server in the USA and truncated there. The IP-anonymi­sa­tion is active on this web­site. Google will use this informa­tion on behalf of the ope­rator of this web­site for the pur­pose of eva­lua­ting your use of the web­site, com­piling reports on web­site activity for web­site ope­ra­tors and pro­viding them other services rela­ting to web­site activity and internet usage.

The IP-address, that your Browser con­veys within the scope of Google Analytics, will not be asso­ciated with any other data held by Google. Users may refuse the use of coo­kies by selec­ting the appro­priate set­tings on their browser, however we point out that if they do this they may not be able to use the full func­tio­nality of this web­site. Users can also opt-out from being tra­cked by Google Analytics with effect for the future by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-On for their cur­rent web browser: fol­lowing Google Analytics link can be used as an alter­na­tive to the browser add-on or within browsers on mobile devices Set Google Analytics Opt-Out-Cookie to prevent logging by Google Analytics within this web­site in future (the opt out only works in the browser and only for this domain). An opt-out cookie will be stored on your device. If users delete these coo­kies in this browser, they must click on this link again. The legal basis for acqui­si­tion and sto­rage of this data is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f DSGVO. The data is deleted after 14 months.

10a. Google Maps

The web­site uses Google Maps API to dis­play geo­graphical informa­tion visually. Google also acquires, pro­cesses and uses data rela­ting to use of the Google Maps func­tions by visi­tors to the web­sites. Under the fol­lowing link, you can find more informa­tion about data pro­ces­sing by Google: Data privacy statements by Google. There, it is pos­sible to make set­tings at the data pro­tec­tion centre so that data is used according to your wishes. You can find the terms of use for Google Maps under “Terms of use of Google Maps”

  1. YouTube

We use the pro­vider YouTube LLC , 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA, rep­re­sented by Google Inc., 1600 Amphi­theatre Parkway, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA for inte­g­ra­tion of videos into our web­site. Normally as soon as you call up a page con­tai­ning embedded videos, your IP address is sent to YouTube and coo­kies are installed on your com­puter. However, the advanced data pro­tec­tion mode is enabled for the YouTube videos inte­g­rated into the site (which means that in this case alt­hough YouTube con­tacts the Google service Double Klick, per­sonal data is not eva­luated in accor­dance with the Google Privacy Policy). If you click on the video­, your IP address will be sent to YouTube and YouTube will find out that you have wat­ched the video­. If you are logged in to YouTube, this informa­tion will also be assi­gned to your user account (you can prevent this by logging out before watching the video­). For more informa­tion, refer to the YouTube Privacy Policy under> The DoubleClick service by Google Inc., 1600 Amphi­theatre Parkway, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”) is used within the scope of inte­g­ra­tion. DoubleClick uses coo­kies to ensure only adverts relevant to the user are dis­played. During this pro­cess, the requesting browser is assi­gned a pseud­onym iden­ti­fica­tion number (ID) to verify which adver­ti­se­ments appeared in this browser and which adverts were cli­cked on. The coo­kies do not con­tain per­sonal informa­tion. Ultima­tely, DoubleClick coo­kies are only used to dis­play adverts based on pre­vious visits to our web pages or other web pages in the Internet. The informa­tion gene­rated by the coo­kies is transferred by Google to a server in the USA where it is saved and used for eva­lua­tion pur­poses. Data is only transferred by Google to third par­ties if statutory regula­tions require this, or within the scope of pro­ces­sing order data. Users can prevent coo­kies from being saved by making the appro­priate set­ting in their browser ( Managing cookies in your web browser ); however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use all func­tions of our web pages wit­hout res­tric­tion. With Advert settings users define which Google adverts they see. They can also deac­tivate the per­so­nali­sa­tion of adverts. If the per­so­nali­sa­tion of adverts is deac­tivated, you may still see adverts based on fac­tors such as your approximate loca­tion which is derived from your IP address, browser type and recently used search terms. You can also manage the coo­kies of many compa­nies which are used for online adver­tising. You can use the relevant user tools created within the scope of self-regula­tion pro­grams in many coun­tries for this, e.g. the US-Ame­rican page choices or the EU page Your Online Choices.Google pro­vides more detailed informa­tion about the use of data on the fol­lowing page:

  1. News­letter

If cust­o­mers wish to receive the News­letter offered on the web­site, ela-soft requires an e-mail address and informa­tion gran­ting permis­sion to carry out the check to verify whe­ther the owner of the e-mail address cons­ents to rece­iving the News­letter (double opt-in method). Furthermore, when registe­ring for the News­letter, we save the IP address assi­gned by the Internet-Service-Pro­vider (ISP) to the com­puter system used by the relevant person at the time of regi­s­t­ra­tion, and also the date and time of regi­s­t­ra­tion. This data must be saved in order to be able to trace back (pos­sible) misuse of the e-mail address of the person con­cerned at a later date and also serves as a legal safe­guard for the person responsible for pro­ces­sing. The per­sonal data acquired when registe­ring for the News­letter is used exclusively for dis­tribu­tion of our News­letter. Furthermore, sub­scribers to the News­letter may be informed by e-mail, where necessary for ope­ra­tion of the News­letter service or in order to register for the service, as might be the case if changes were made to the News­letter offe­ring or if technical cir­cum­stances were to change. Per­sonal data is not forwarded to third par­ties, apart from our e-mail pro­vider INXMAIL as part of the News­letter service. We have concluded an order pro­ces­sing agree­ment with the pro­vider VerticalResponse / Deluxe Small Business Sales, Inc, 550 Kearny Street, Suite 710, San Francisco, CA 94108.

By using individual News­letter func­tions we can automati­cally trace as a stan­dard pro­cedure which con­t­ents of our News­letter are especi­ally interesting to our cust­o­mers, which mail they open and which link they click. We only use the results of these pseud­onymised eva­lua­tions to improve our offe­ring. The results are not assi­gned to any parti­cular person. You can of course at any time opt out of the pseud­onymised eva­lua­tion of your data which we carry out to improve our offe­ring by sending a short written noti­fica­tion to this effect to the addresses below. The sub­scrip­tion to our News­letter can be cancelled at any time by the relevant person. Once the relevant person has granted us permis­sion to save his/her per­sonal data for dis­patch of the News­letter, he/she can also withdraw it at any time. A cor­responding link is pro­vided in every News­letter for this pur­pose. Furthermore, it is pos­sible to opt out of rece­iving the News­letter directly on the web­site of the party responsible for pro­ces­sing or by notifying this party via ano­ther route.

  1.  Further informa­tion
    The user is aware of the fact that, even with the cur­rent state of tech­no­logy, privacy for data trans­mis­sions on the Internet cannot be gua­ran­teed. In this respect, users them­selves are responsible for the secu­rity of the data they transmit online.
    Our users’ trust is very important to us. The­re­fore, ela-soft is more than wil­ling to answer ques­tions con­cer­ning the pro­ces­sing of per­sonal data. If ques­tions arise that are not ans­wered by this Privacy Policy, or if users wish to receive more detailed informa­tion on some point, they should not hesi­tate to con­tact us at the fol­lowing email address:


Informa­tion require­ments according to § 36 VSBG:

We are not partici­pa­ting in a scheme for dis­pute reso­lu­tion before a con­sumer arbi­t­ra­tion board. Nevert­heless, the German Act on Alter­na­tive Dis­pute Reso­lu­tion for Con­sumer Dis­putes (VSBG) requires that we refer to a con­sumer arbi­t­ra­tion board that can be con­ta­cted via the net.

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Zentrums für Sch­lich­tung e. V.
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Overall responsi­bility

ela-soft GmbH
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

Phone no.: +49 30 891003-0
Fax no.: +49 30 891003-22


Representing general manager:
Julius von Resch

Court of registration:
Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg

Registration no.:
HRB 114128 B

Turnover tax identification no.
according to § 27 a of the German Turnover
Tax Act (Germ. Umsatzsteuergesetz):
DE 214183540

Kon­takt­­daten des Daten­­schutz­be­auf­­tragten:
Gret­sch­-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge
Johann-Maus-Str. 3
D-71254 Ditzingen
Telefon +49 7156 301-660
Telefax +49 7156 301-77660


We exp­li­citly oppose the use of con­tact details pub­lished on the web­site for sending adver­tising and informa­tion mate­rial which has not been speci­fi­cally requested by us.

Head Office Berlin Germany

ela-soft GmbH
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

  +49 30 891003‑0

Group of Companies Gretsch-Unitas

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH
Johann-Maus-Str. 3
71254 Ditzingen

  +49 7156 301‑0
  +49 7156 301‑293

Head Office Velbert Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestraße 71
42549 Velbert

  +49 2501 201-0

East Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

Herr Axel Sprie

  +49 171 8656342

South Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Christian Schenk

  +49 170 8577-817

South West Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Stephan Wick

  +49 172 3080 223

North Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Hans-Henry-Jahnn-Weg 35
22085 Hamburg

Herr Jörg Rieckhoff

  +49 172 3080 238

Center Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

Herr Benjamin Ledic

  +49 171 8656 343

Herr Heiko Nowotny

  +49 171 8656 348

West Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Stefan Schuster

  +49 171 8656 340

Export Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

 Herr Fedja Vehabovic

  +49 170 6372 481

BKS Branch Office Dubai

DSO Headquarters Building
4th Floor, C&D Wing P.O. Box 341041
Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai U.A.E.

Mr. Simon Dawood

  +971  4 3724635

Title Address Description
Head office Berlin Germany
Breitenbachstraße 10, 13509 Berlin, Deutschland

ela-soft GmbH
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

Group of Companies Gretsch-Unitas
Johann-Maus-Straße 3, 71254 Ditzingen, Deutschland

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH
Johann-Maus-Str. 3
71254 Ditzingen

Head office Velbert Germany
Heidestraße 71, 42549 Velbert, Deutschland

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestraße 71
42549 Velbert

North office Germany
Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 35, 22085 Hamburg, Deutschland

BKS GmbH Connect
Hans-Henry-Jahnn-Weg 35
22085 Hamburg

Center office Germany
Kaiserleistraße 43, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

Export office Germany
Kaiserleistraße 43, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

Dubai branch Office
Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

DSO Headquarters Building
4th Floor, C&D Wing P.O. Box 341041
Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai U.A.E.