Intelligent door and escape
route control

GEMOS access

intelligent door and emergency exit control, intrusion detection and locking technology

GEMOS access

Performance features

GEMOS access represents another of ela-soft GmbH’s own product line in addition to GEMOS. The application options of GEMOS access extend from offline access control systems for small applications to modular and fully integrated parts of building, security or danger management systems.

GEMOS access unites different technical trades involved in the security on and around the door: access control, escape door control, and monitoring systems are linked centrally to the GAM door module. The open interface architecture enables the connection of many customary card readers, e. g. via RS 485 or Wiegand protocol – independently from the applied reading technique. Program core and database are based on years of consistently further developed and innovative GEMOS software philosophy.

Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications as well as hardware recognition assistants allow for fast and therefore economic handling both during installation and operation. e. g. fingerprint and hand vein scanners, the system may also be used in high-demand environments. Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications as well as hardware recognition assistants make it possible to quickly and economically proceed with installation and operation.

The integration of GEMOS access into the GEMOS management system smoothly takes place based on the same software core and makes the following and other functions possible:

  • Integration of alarms, events and reports in GEMOS
  • Complete system monitoring of all hardware and software components
  • Visualisation of reports, events and door statuses
  • Controlling from visualised CAD based layout drawings
  • Linking with third-party systems via open interfaces
  • Representations of complex work flows and processes
  • Joint logging of all events
  • Interaction with video, intrusion detection alarm and fire alarm components

GEMOS access is the access control system from ela-soft GmbH.

The open scaling starts with small projects with e. g. one or two access points and an authorised circle of people of up to 100 and reaches up to a maximum of 10,000 access points on large projects and an authorised circle of people of a maximum of 1,000,000.

With its superior availability and integral performance, GEMOS access makes itself a high-end access control system.

  • Path guidance / path tracking
  • Assignment of several identifi cations to one user
  • Management of user groups with authorisation and time profiles
  • Timed Anti Passback
  • Re-register
  • Validation
  • Intrusion detection funtionality
  • Anti-passback
  • Four-eyes principle (multiple person presence check)
  • Two person access check
  • Visitor / employee access control
  • Car park (or other balancing)
  • Linking with third-party systems for extended rights check (e.g. connection to biometric systems, image comparison)
  • Control via danger alarm systems (e. g. with triggered fireextinguishing system)
  • Bag check
  • Multi-door sluice system
  • Elevator control
  • Integration with key management systems/lock box systems (authorisation control and protocol of access management)
  • Management of offline readers (offline cylinders)
  • Writing time-limited access information on the identification for offline cylinders
  • Redundant server with hot standby possible
  • Simple gatekeeper interface for creating daily replacements and visitor passes
  • Visitor pre-registration by an employee via a web interface possible
  • Up to 1,000,000 users (authorised access)
  • Up to 1,000,000 identification cards
  • Up to 10 identification cards per user
  • Up to 10,000 user groups
  • Up to 10,000 reader groups or room zones
  • Up to 20,000 readers
  • Up to 2,000 GEMOS access controllers
  • Up to 1,000 time zones
  • Up to 1,000 time zones per user
  • Up to 4 time intervals per day

Performance characteristics

Open scalability begins for small sites e. g. with one or two access points and an authorised group of persons, up to 100, reaching all the way to large sites with up to 10000 access points and an authorised person group of up to one million.

Thanks to very high availability and internal performance ability, GEMOS Access is placed in the high end of access control systems. GEMOS Access – performance characteristics:

Flexible, scalable, high-performance access control for every situation.



  • Mixed operation with various types of identification cards and types of readers in one installation
  • Web-based user interface
  • Superior availability due to redundant bus structure
  • Cryptographically encoded security bus
  • Connection of intelligent escape route terminals
  • Integration into existing networks, also heterogeneous ones
  • Integration into the building security information management systems through open interfaces

GEMOS access – System overview

The design of the access control system GEMOS access is simple, well-structured and secure. The web-based client / server structure makes operation via a normal browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) possible. The server structure can be simple or redundant (hot-standby). Additional decentralised intelligence is linked to the GEMOS access controller (GAC) via a TCP/IP network. The GEMOS access door modules (GAM) can be linked redundantly via the cryptographic encrypted GEMOS universal bus.

GEMOS access – All about the door

It is possible to implement numerous security requirements that have to do with the door with GEMOS access.

Thus, for example, access control, emergency exit control, intrusion detection system and electronic locking can be sensibly and intelligently connected together directly on the door.

GEMOS access provides planning security, since possible upgrades can be integrated directly on the door.

Overlapping of trades is avoided.

Cost intensive double designs are omitted.


GEMOS access Controller

The high-performance GEMOS access controller is the central intelligence unit for the doors connected to it.

The GAC stores all rights, protocol and configuration data, and manages the buses. State-of-the-art processor technology and the Linux operating system guarantee high availability and performance. The large SSD enables long-term operation without the loss of log data if the network should fail or be operated offline. The compact 1 RU structure makes the GAC perfect for decentralised installation in IT storey distribution rooms.

Performance characteristics:

  • 19” rack unit with a height of 1 RU (438 × 44 × 320 mm)
  • Front panel bus communication display
  • High-performance CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system and firmware on internal SSD
  • Two redundant Ethernet ports
  • Front panel Ethernet service port
  • Connections for monitor, keyboard and mouse for service purposes on rear side
  • USB 2.0 expansion ports on rear side
  • Two high-performance adjustable fans
  • Expansion space for network unit
  • For up to eight GEMOS universal buses (via micromodules)
  • All bus connectors as pluggable screw terminals on the back

GEMOS access module (GAM)

The GEMOS access module (GAM) manages all possible units and devices at a door, irrespective of the relevant manufacturer. A multitude of possible connections and functions create high flexibility and planning security. Housings for various applications, ceiling contacts, single network units, etc., round off the range.

  • Control of up to two doors
  • 128 bit AES-encrypted transmission (option)
  • Redundancy possible by bus hub and integrated bus separator
  • Amplification and potential separation of buses, thanks to which cable lengths of up to 1 kilometre are possible between modules
  • Firmware update via the access bus during operation
  • Serial interface to connect door bus components, e. g. GU BKS Net with transcoding to the GAM
  • Integrated (proprietary) PLC functionality
  • Colour-coded terminals for simple and tool-free installation
  • Single-person revision using the service tool
  • Manufacturer-neutral card reader connection
  • Four binary inputs
  • Two potential-free optocoupler inputs
  • Four analogue sensor lines
  • One tamper line
  • Four relay outputs
  • Four binary outputs

Mini GEMOS access controller (mini GAC)

The Mini GEMOS access controller (mini GAC) is used to connect to doors directly via the Ethernet together with a GEMOS access module (GAM).

As a smaller version of the GEMOS access controller, up to four GAMs and eight readers may be connected to a single Mini GAC.

The usage of two Mini GAC units per bus achieves bus redundancy. Thus, various electronic door components may be connected securely.

The Mini GAC may be used as the central intelligence core for GEMOS Access, and guarantees door functionality even without an active Ethernet connection.

  • State-of-the-art microcontroller technology
  • SD card for user data
  • Connection of the GEMOS universal bus
  • Ring bus operation with the use of two Mini-GAC units
  • 128 bit AES-encrypted transmission (option)
  • Possibility of connection of up to four GAMs and sixteen readers
  • Executable as slide-in module for 19” racks or a housing variant (e. g. IP65 or DIN rail housing).
  • Three digital inputs
  • Two bipolar optocoupler inputs (e. g. for voltage control).
  • One tamper input
  • Two relays with a nominal current of 0.5 A

All relay outputs executable as standby and working contacts (changeover contacts)

Further GEMOS access components

During the development of our hardware products, we have placed particular value on the ease of installation. In this regard, long years of experience of our technicians have proved to be particularly helpful. The result is a product range offering a large selection of options enabling quick and professional installation in every case.

Centralisation is made possible by 19” components. For decentralised installation we offer DIN rail components and surface-mounted devices.

A selection of tried and compliant equipment components, such as e. g. power supplies, special micromodules, converters and ceiling contacts round off our range.

Further Information GEMOS access

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