Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing manufacturer-neutral management systems for security, building and communication technology. With the successful GEMOS system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate interface, ela-soft counts amongst the market and technology leaders in this sector. At the Head Office in Berlin, and at the branches in Offenbach and Velbert, highly-qualified employees are involved in the development of specialized software and hardware solutions, and offer service and project control close to the customer during the system start-up phase. Over 750 implemented interfaces and more than 1000 installed systems prove the 27 years of experience and the success of the products from ela-soft.

Business Segments


  • Physical security information management systems
  • Building and communication management systems
  • Integration and interface management
  • Access control systems
  • Monitoring systems

Integrated systems 

  •  Fire, intrusion detection and danger alarm systems
  • Access control and emergency exit control systems
  • Audio, media and video systems
  • Radio, personal emergency and communication systems
  • Building, electric and messaging management systems


Interface management


  • Security systems
  • Building management systems
  • Communications systems
  • Database connection

Development milestones


1990  ELOS Operation management organisation system

1992  GEMOS 1 Building management system and organisation system

1996  GEMOS 2 under MS Windows 95

1997  Main fire alarm control system with individual VdS approval

1998  GEMOS interface manager for government buildings in Berlin

1999  Highly available integrated operations control system (Bayer AG)
Development of an OEM escape door control system

2000  GEMOS Pro02 server as interface manager

2001  GEMOS Web server under LINUX Development of an OEM access control system based on GEMOS

2002  Integration GEMOS – PRISMA

2003  GEMOS 3 browser-based integrated security management

2004  Deep integration of video technology control

2005  ArenaControl

2006  LogisticControl

2007  DatacenterControl, hardware- and software-upgrades

2008  Direct import of AutoCAD® drawings

2010  GEMOS 4, GEMOS access

2011  New, innovative performance features for GEMOS and GEMOS access for the highest technical requirements in projects

2012  New GEMOS und GEMOS access hardware

2013  GEMOS access redundancy expansion

2014  Inauguration of Offenbach training centre

2017 Opening office Dubai

Reference projects

Many satisfied customers from the areas of the chemicals industry, law enforcement, transport, utilities, banks, office buildings, hospitals, multifunction arenas and logistics place their trust in GEMOS as their security information management systems. Our list of reference projects presents a brief selection of projects carried out with GEMOS.

Head Office Berlin Germany

ela-soft GmbH
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

  +49 30 891003‑0

Group of Companies Gretsch-Unitas

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH
Johann-Maus-Str. 3
71254 Ditzingen

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  +49 7156 301‑293

Head Office Velbert Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestraße 71
42549 Velbert

  +49 2501 201-0

East Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Breitenbachstraße 10
13509 Berlin

Herr Axel Sprie

  +49 171 8656342

South Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Christian Schenk

  +49 170 8577-817

South West Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Stephan Wick

  +49 172 3080 223

North Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Hans-Henry-Jahnn-Weg 35
22085 Hamburg

Herr Jörg Rieckhoff

  +49 172 3080 238

Center Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

Herr Benjamin Ledic

  +49 171 8656 343

Herr Heiko Nowotny

  +49 171 8656 348

West Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Heidestr. 71
42549 Velbert

Herr Stefan Schuster

  +49 171 8656 340

Export Office Germany

BKS GmbH Connect
Kaiserleistraße 43
63067 Offenbach

 Herr Fedja Vehabovic

  +49 170 6372 481

BKS Branch Office Dubai

DSO Headquarters Building
4th Floor, C&D Wing P.O. Box 341041
Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai U.A.E.

Mr. Simon Dawood

  +971  4 3724635